Service Connect Input Channel Failed State

When I log into Epicor Service Connect Administration Console, then navigate to:

  • Connectivity
  • Communication Setup
  • [Server Name]
  • Channels
  • Input Channels

I see the Live Channel we have setup (POP3) has a state of Failed.

How do I fix or where can I see what the issue is?

Have you looked at the logs that get generated in service connect? Scroll all the way to the bottom on the left side and you’ll see the log files. I think they reference the input channels and hopefully you’ll see what it is complaining about.

And I think right clicking and choosing enable that should reactivate the channel but if course it could happen again.

@ERPSysAdmin thanks Heather. Issue was related to problems with our Exchange server. Appreciate the help!

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I’m so glad you figured it out! Sure, I hope that helped somehow…Sorry, I wasn’t near my computer to give a screenshot to be more helpful. Thanks for the update! Glad it’s working for you! :slight_smile: