Service Connect Parsing an email

I have been attempting to use a condition in workflow with a contains functoid to determine if the body of an email contains particular text, in this case it is “] created an issue” Thought it would have been pretty straight forward, but for the life of me I just can’t get it to work.

Basically if the body does not contain the string then do nothing, else continue through the workflow, that is what I am wanting to achieve.


Just a bit of an update on this one, as mentioned in an earlier post about the namespace not being correct. When setting up an input channel for IMAP and you want to process the details of the email, eg Body, Subject. Then make sure you include the Default namespace in the Conversion Config. Here’s a screenshot.

I hope someone finds this one useful. I was tearing my hair out (what little I have) on this for a while, I could not understand why in document tracking I could see the POP3 in the Start element, but not in the following conversion.

The other thing to note is when adding the Message extension, You add the container and browse for the http://scshost/schemas/UserSchemas/Standard/ChannelInfo/ChannelInfoPop3.xsd. If you have already populated the name field, after browsing and selecting the schema it will default to the name of the schema, in this instance it changed from ChannelInfo (as per the UG) to Pop3. So what you had when doing a conversion you saw wlf->usr->Pop3->Pop3! After saving you needed to edit the container and change the name to ChannelInfo.

Seems to be working now though.