Service Connect Workflow Error on Serial Number Update

I created a workflow in Service Connect to update four UD fields on the SerialNo table. But, when I try to save the update I get this error:

<msg:error type=“unexpected error”>
msg:descriptionThe Transaction source is invalid.</msg:description>
msg:sourceBO update error received: SerialNo.UpdateExt</msg:source>

Any ideas on what could cause this error?


These are some screenshots of the error:


I think there is data you aren’t passing to the call. sounds like the transaction source will be PO receipt, job receipt etc.


Thanks Graeme.
I don’t see the connection between PO and Job with the Serial Number.
Can you please elaborate a little more? I don’t have much experience with Epicor.

The solution: In the Conversion prior to the UpdateExt call I needed to assign the constant value of ‘SNMaint’ to the Transaction Source field in the UpdateExt Request.

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