So i have beening installing Epicor from the ground up as im new to epicor and with a few pointers i now have a working server, my biggest issue is that the client can not connect but i can connect from the local install to epicor, the error i get is Sessionmod.svc could not be activated.

Thanks for any pointers

Go to Event viewer log on the server, find the related error, and search for it here.

Check that you can ping the server from your client machine. If you can then check to make sure your appserver URI in the config file is correct.

How did you install the client on your machine?

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We have a script that was made to install the client that we run. i did change the urls to the new server but i will go over and check.

Thank you for the pointers

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Strange i restarted the server and did a redeploy and and the script again, and now it connects.

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