Set Default Vendor Payment - Is this an option at the company level? Before I try to make a BPM

We would like to make the default payment method check for all new vendors.

Is there any way to set that at the company level so that when a new one is created it defaults to that?



Check out the GlobalPayMethod on Payment Method Maintenance. That might do what you want.

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Thanks John, I appreciate it. I checked company config and didn’t see anything worded like what I wanted.

I’ll read up on the GlobalPayMethod.

I do not see GlobalPayMethod on the Payment Method maint screen :man_shrugging:

From @hkeric.wci 's chm

I don’t know if that is what it’s meant to be used for, seems multi-company facing to me.

Sorry, I had found it on the List view. I agree, looks multi-company.

Sounds like you are creating a BPM.

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