Set Field Focus - Time and Expense

Hi, First Timer here. was looking for some help on setting the focus of the job number field when a new time detail is started. we do not have need or have use of quick codes. I have limited knowledge of E10 and its recommended methods of customization, but learning more every day.
attempts made: (all with limited knowledge more than likely not done correctly)

  1. changing tab order, still focus is in quick Code
  2. personalizations saving layouts.
  3. attempted custom code.
  4. BPM

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The first approach you can take is using the csm.GetNativeControlReference method to get a reference to JobNum field. Then using that reference set the field focus on EpiNotify for LaborDtl AddNew

Thank you Joshua,

I appreciate your response, however I’m not sure where to start with this information. sorry for my lack of knowledge. is there a walkthrough reference you can point me to? or possibly expand on your suggestion a little deeper for a noob.

again thank you for your help.

The customization PDF in EpicWeb will have the building blocks of what I’m talking about.

It may not reference the GetNativeControlReference method but that’s easy to explain. References here.

Thanks again… looks like I got a little light reading todo. haha…

hopefully I will remember to post back, when everything works out.

Well that was a journey. Joshua I want to express appreciation for your guidance. I don’t think I did it exactly as you described. but I did get a working solution. from my perspective my solution breakdown is as follows
in the script editor I instantiated a variable
then in the InitializeCustomCode Method I referenced the native control with the csm.GetNativeControlReference method
I could not figure out where the references of EpiNotify and LaborDtl AddNew was.
I hooked into the Form Event Wizard and applied the focus method in the AfterAdapterMethod of the Labor Adapter. as onLoad and others didn’t seem to fire after what ever other background code was re-focusing the “quick job” field of Time and Expense Entry.

Again many thanks!