Set up time for variying lot/order sizes


When setting up a MOM, how are you able to account for setup time for parts with varying order sizes? Through testing we have observed that when setup time is assigned to an operation within the method of manufacture, Epicor assumes that this setup time is required to produce 1 of each stocking unit.
f the setup is required on a per order basis, how do you account for this?

Some of our orders are for 3 pcs, some are for 10,000. If we were to try and account for the setup time in adding a percentage to the standard production time (pcs/min) we would be either over/under estimating a significant portion of our orders production times.

Any suggestions on how to handle this? TIA

Does your setup time vary with the size of the job? When you enter a setup time in a MOM, Epicor will use that time as a flat rate no matter how large the job is.

If I set my setup time to 1.5 hours, Epicor will add that time to the job no matter if I’m making 1 part or 1 million.

If you have setup/tooling work that’s done mid-run on larger production runs, Epicor has a field in the MOM called Additional Setup Hours and Additional Setup Qty. that allows you to add more “setup” time as a job grows.

No, the set up time does not vary.