Setting up test environment "The requested service net.tcp//erp10....could not be activated"

So as the title says I am working on setting up a test environment for our users. I am currently stuck on getting the application server setup. I am able to provision the application server, and it says it is deployed correctly. However when I try to connect to it I get an error message that says “The requested service, ‘net.tcp:///ERP10Test/Ice/BO/UserFile.svc’ could not be activated. See the server’s diagnostic trace logs for more information.”
Something else I have found is that when I try to launch Epicor I get this error
“The requested service, ‘net.tcp:///ERP10Test/Ice/Lib/SessionMod.svc’ could not be activated. See the server’s diagnostic trace logs for more information.”
Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

How is the memory looking on that application or sql server

Shut down and restart the task agent. It always fixed it for us.

120GB used of 128GB available.

@dpenn I have restarted the task agent for the new application pool to no avail

So all the settings of the App Config for TEST, match exactly those in your Production App, save for the database?

You could setup the TEST App, to use the same DB, just to ensure the app is running properly.
Obviously, don’t do any testing in it.

Once you can connect and launch the App for the TEST, go in and change the DB it connects to to the copy of PROD that you made for TEST.

Looks to me like a runaway process. What’s consuming the most? Restart that

I will do that now, I forgot to mention that our test and our live version are on the same server, does that effect the setup here?

Yeah it does make a difference, but something needs to be fixed to get back on track.

The highest user is SQL Server Windows NT - 64Bit at 112 GB

Ours or on the same server too. The only issue with having them both on the same server is if the server can’t run both concurrently, due to resources (i.e. CPU, memory, disk space, etc …)

When you created the new App for TEST, did you have EAC make a new DB? If so, that DB is going to be empty. I think it won’t even having any users created. You’d need to create your user in EAC first. Or better off, copy the Production DB to a new DB, and have the TEST app point to that copy.

I have copied the DB from our live system and created a new DB with test at the end of the name. And the new app server has pointed there. I do not believe it’s a hardware issue, the server is dedicated ERP server, with two eight core xeon’s, 128GB RAM, Raid 10 15K drives, serving only about 30 people. I will try and give the server a reboot tonight, as I am at witts end. I will update tomorrow morning with my findings. Thanks everyone!

Just so we are clear, In the EpicorAdmin console. You clicked Task Agent Configuration and restarted your test? Correct?

What is in event viewer log for this Epicor App Server?

Thank you all for your help. What we have opted to do is spin up a VM for the test environment. I never got to the point of being able to test it again today on the production appserver so I cannot verify if any of the above fixed would have worked or not. Again, thank you all!