".svc could not be activated" - ERROR in 10.2.400

Hello all,

We are live in our upgraded environment (10.2.400) and users are regularly getting errors that look like this:




This happens in both production and TEST. It can usually be resolved by logging out and back in. I have checked that the task agent and app pool are running and we are connected to the app server.

Any thoughts?



Hows the memory lookin on the app server?

AH HA! SQL is going wild. 95%

Is the best remedy to limit how much memory SQL can consume?

I’m not a SQL server expert…but it seems like if it’s consuming 95% memory there is another issue. Is this the same server you were on previously?
Sometimes a reboot can magically fix things :wink: not recommending that though

This is a new server. I am no SQL guru either. I am checking in with outside IT that configured the new environment for us before I attempt anything drastic.