Share Link to Specific Epicor Record / Page via Email


Per below Help article, in Kinetic it is possible to share a link to a specific record/page (e.g. to a Sales Order). Does anyone know if a similar link can be included within automated email notifications?

I have set up a BPM which sends an email notification whenever a Purchase Order is set to ‘Pending Approval’. Currently, the recipient then logs into Epicor and navigates to the ‘PO Approval’ screen to respond. I’d like to shorten this by including a link to the required screen within the email.

(We are SaaS-based, so are unable to make use of Outlook plug-ins, such as Information Worker, to respond to approval requests directly from the email).

Many thanks for any help.

Maybe try something like this in custom code ?

string[] buildURL = {Session.AppServerURL, "Apps", "Erp", "Home", "#", "view", "PMGO02015","Erp.UI.POApvMsgEntry?channelid=" + Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + "&company=" + callContextClient.CurrentCompany + "&site=" + callContextClient.CurrentPlant +"&pageID=" +"POApvMsgForm"};

string URL = string.Join("/", buildURL);

Other wise i think the guys @ Epicor did something pretty neet with automation studio for this scenario - Insights Announcement PO Approvals - YouTube

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Worked perfectly - thanks Alex!

Thanks also for the tip on Automation Studio - being able to respond to approval requests directly from the email would make things even more streamlined, so I will have to look into this.