Shell View

What is the long term status of “Shell” view? Is this something Epicor is moving away from? I upgraded a company this weekend to 10.2.500 and enabled SSO. With SSO it goes straight to what I think is called Active Home Page (please correct me if I’m wrong). I can add a /SHELL switch to the SSO icon and then shell view will load but I am wondering if I should tell people that Epicor is moving away from Shell View?

You should be able to add /shell to the shortcut yes. As far as the lifetime of shell who knows but they will do away with it in the coming years.

And by “it”, you mean the .Net client and not just the Classic Shell and Modern Shell? All browser seems to be the target.

Yeah but I wouldn’t expect to lose support for that for the next couple years. A stop to development on it but it will be a bit yet before it gets yanked entirely

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