Shipping and GL Account Issue

I have an item I am trying to ship and I got a message saying it couldn’t because a certain GL Account was inactive. Thing is, that account is always inactive and nothing is to post to it. We sell this part all the item and have never had this issue. SO that tells me something is different, yet I cannot find anything in the part, product group, customer, nothing that shows this GL. Ideas on where to look next?

No one’s entered a different GL account in Invoice Entry? Do you have any miscellaneous charges on the invoice?

Will Epicor let you run an Edit List, or does it throw an error then as well?

The invoice isn’t created till after shipping or at the time of shipping. Its not even getting that far.

Is the sales order a counter sale order and marked to invoice? If so maybe check the product group setup to verify GL account is not the one that is inactive.

I checked the product group and it is not pointing towards this one. This is a real crazy one for me.