Shop Load Report doesn't match jobs cycle time

Hi all,

We start exploring the Shop Load Report to see if you can use it.

I notice that some of the entries don’t match what we have in our Job Entry. I understand that Shop Load Report doesnt take in account of Set Up time.

For Job# S311309, the report shows 17.17 hr when it should be 15.83 hr according to the job entry (we haven’t started this job at all).

For Job# S311420, the report shows 5.68 hr when in fact it should be 3.45 hr only (we haven’t started this job as well).

I also notice these are operations that have SetUp Time. The ones without SetUp Time seem to match up with the report nicely. Any idea what might contribute to the discrepancy?


Is it possible that the setup time has been clocked?

Hi Gil,

I checked labor transactions against these jobs and nothing has been scanned on, nothing set up or production.


That shop load report you illustrated - is it a customized version? It does not look like V10.

Yes I just cleaned up the format so its cleaner for the eyes. I left all the fields and logic as is. Nothing crazy, just cosmetic touched up.

Here is the detailed report:

Summary version:

Can you look at Job Scheduling Board for the job in question and see if there is a chance that the setup time actually starts in the prior period? I must admit, this is worrying to me, as we rely heavily on the Shop Load report for long range planning.

I hope we see this post get some traction, so other users can weigh in here.

We do have a 48 queue time so the opr 10 finishes on July 13th and opr 20 shouldnt start until July 16th (you can see the blue gap).

However, when I check the operation details, it says est hours is 18.83. Which is exactly what we have on our Job Entry: 15.83 prod hrs + 3 setup hrs = 18.83.

So im not sure why there is a different number shown on the Shop Load Report.

And the difference is 1.663 hours, which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Would you see a clocking entry if it had been started, and the operator was still clocked (hadn’t clocked off the job as of yet, but clocked onto a job).

Yes, if an operator is currently clock into a job (and hadn’t clocked off yet), the labor transaction would show me the clock in time and mark the clock out time as 24:00.

I got nuthin’. I will look at one of our load reports and compare it to our job/ops next week and see if we’re seeing the same thing.