Show group totals at end of report

A report pulls all the materials for jobs in a date range. Then groups the parts by job and then by part class. Various fields are totaled by part class. We need to show these part class group totals at the end of each job group and then a grand total of each part class for all the jobs on the report at the end of the report. Any suggestions?

Export the report to .csv & use Excel?

In Crystal we were able to accomplish this using running totals functionally built into crystal.

POForm Purchase Order Report has been a good example for me for running totals, and for placing totals into the Page Footer section as needed. Some of what you describe maybe is just placement in or around Tablix groups but in any case, that report seems like a good example. Thinking DocExtCost as a specific example.

I was able to figure it out using multiple tablix tables and matrix. thanks for the suggestions.

I still curse SSRS daily. Just to be able to generate a quick show me the last PO details for a given part… Much easier in CR.