Site Costing

We want to cost our inventory by Std Cost and have a different cost per site. How do we do that?

Setup a different cost ID and assign that to the plant.

To elaborate on what (the other) Jason said, I did this recently for the first time (in Test) and I made a mess. I thought simply creating the new Cost ID (Site Cost Maintenance) and setting the primary site there was enough. Oh no it is not. You must go into Site Maintenance (not Site Cost Maintenance) and use the Actions menu and assign it there. By skipping this step, my cost adjustments posted to TWO SITES at once.

The other caveat: do this before assigning parts to the site. If you do parts first, it creates a LOT of transactions.


Hi Jason,

This is an old post but when you say do before assigning parts 1st do you mean adding with partplant record or with a qty?


Well, I would guess I meant “with quantity.”

I think the original thing I said kind of makes no sense - I do not think the PartCost records even EXIST before the PartPlant records exist, right? So when I said “before assigning parts to the site,” that was probably phrased wrong.

Thanks Jason

Just applied to my TEST environment following your steps. Is there such a thing as uber-like for a post.

Many thanks Jason.

see the post I just created: Multiple Sites, Multiple Site Cost IDs & Sharing Cost IDs

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Thanks Tim. Checking now