Site Stats for the Nerds (January 2018)

Site stats for the last 30ish (1/1 - 2/1) days

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So does this site lose money?

Currently we “lose” around 20-30 bucks a month.



Two things.

  1.   If you setup a PayPal then I would gladly do a recurring payment. If would only take a few of us to close that gap.
  2.   I mainly read the email notices and am not on the site so I don’t generate revenue. Could you add a footer to the email to increase impressions and generate revenue?



I know some prefer to interact through email, but would disabling email create significant savings?

Are the email costs per message, or per byte? Do embedded images add to the email costs?

Is there costs associated with storage? I assume everytime we “paste” an image, it uses server storage space. Even if the image is deleted from the message before posting, it seems to stay on the server.

Does every edit generate a new email?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Per Message and yes 99% of the cost is email but that’s an important aspect of getting engagement. Out of sight out of mind

I have email messages turned off, so I’m not that familiar with them.

What’s the shortest update intervals? Every new post, message on replies to posts you’re “watching”, daily journal (I know that’s not the right word), weekly?

@josecgomez, you forgot one very important metric.

Value to the Epicor user community:

For the service this site is providing, the mods shouldn’t have to eat the $240+/yr difference. The community is happy to help. Just let us know the way that you’re comfortable with and we’re there.


And please provide an alternate to PayPal. :zipper_mouth_face:

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I too would be happy to help contribute! I agree with @aidacra! Priceless.

I am agree with you all and happy to contribute please provide paypal link :slight_smile:

paypal/MiguelASantillan (removed link in case people do send money)


But yeah…venmo, zelle, paypal…

Bronze Sponsorship: $1/yr
Silver Sponsorship: $5/yr
Gold Sponsorship: $10/yr
Platinum Sponsorship: $20/yr

I know you are not worried about $25/month loss…but I am sure people can help. THen you can make badges! Cause we all love badges.

I don’t know about Badges (although I’m working towards the most emojis used in one post badge or emoji girl badge :wink: ) but we do love t-shirts or frisbees or those little squishy stress-relief balls! Maybe for the “Platinum” level contributions? :wink:

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I would gladly pay a non-zero dollar amount for a custom badge like this one



awwww, you’re just trying to make me feel good…

Thanks all for the willingness to support the site, this wasn’t the intent of the post…
We’ll look into something that can be hooked directly on here if you guys want to support it further. (I hear you about PayPal… shudder)

Right now the ads cover almost everything, but when we have some time to spare we’ll look into other avenues.

In the mean time, just visit the actual site more often rather than replying through email if you can spare the time.

@gpayne we would really rather not have ads on the emails, we all get way too much spam as it is :confounded:

And @aidacra you can have the Rubber Duckie Enthusiast Badge for free (done)… you deserve it! there aren’t enough badges for the value you provide this community. You and all the Epicor people that reply here on a consistent basis

Thanks again!


Bahaha +1


I’d be curious to see some more site stats. Any updates?

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