Stats for the Nerds (Oct 2018)

Last 30 days

New Users
New Topics
Emails Sent
1.8 million
Accepted Solutions
Page Views:
Ad Revenue
$133 - (not including patreon fees I have to look and see what that looks like around 100 bucks I believe
Cost to Host + Email

Total Active Users: 2111


That’s a big jump in numbers since the last update. e-mails more than doubled, page views almost quadrupled. Definitely nice to see the momentum.


Ouch, $50+ spread now. Does the Ad Revenue include Patreon donations? Hopefully not and the spread covers that gap.

Sorry I forgot Patreon. (Fixed)

Cool stats. Thanks for sharing!

Is there any way to donate annually? That way Patreon doesn’t take a good % away as credit card transaction charges each month.

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Not right now @askulte we could set something up via Stripe… or Paypal? but frankly we are doing fine at the moment ads + patreon is covering the expense nicely, there is no goal of us making any money, we want to break even and that’s plenty.

Thank you all for the support.

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How do 46 patreons = $133 a month? (anonymous or something?). I can’t see anything other and $1 a month. Just curious.

Thanks Jose, you didn’t have to include the totals. Knowing that the Patron money helps you cover the hosting cost gaps is very good to know though!

Some people are donating more than 1 dollar


gotcha. I couldn’t figure out how to get anything other than the $1 a month. Clicked around and figured it out. Thanks!

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I think there’s something wrong with the business model …

New users increase ad revenue, but add to the email costs. While old (non-participating) users, generate no ad revenue, but continue to increase email costs.

It goes against every social media methodology, but should users that haven’t logged on in the last year be removed from the emails lists?

Per info the old thread, I disabled the email list mode, I didn’t realize it was costing the site more. I set E10Help to be a tab whenever I open my browser instead plus it’s such a habit to come to the site anyway I don’t need the emails to remind me.

I agree with that.


HI @ckrusen yes we could do something like that but a lot of users don’t log in, they just read the emails and that’s the way it always worked in yahoo and we don’t want to change that. (unless we have to)

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Enabling notifications (or whatever these are called)

makes email a little old fashioned.

Seems like email (especially when configured in “journal” mode - or whatever its called when you receive groups of posts in a single email) is really a left over from dial-up days.

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Patreon ftw!

I like the email flexibility, I’m not always at a computer. And I don’t always have the app open on my phone. That’s one of the reasons I Patreon. Frankly 1 buck a month is not too much to ask for and if everyone donated then there would be no need for Ads (which I hate btw). Using e10 help to help me has helped me a lot. :slight_smile: Say that really fast a few times.

One of the most important things I have found it’s great to have a community to fall back to when you are looking for a solution to a problem, makes you feel like you are no the only one in the same situation as yourself. You may not always get the answer you are looking for, but it provides the value of having others throw in their point of view on a problem, or similar one. Often this can be a big time saver.

So $1 or $100 I encourage people to sign up for Patreon, and try to contribute to posts where you can/feel appropriate, don’t be shy. (Small dog looking up with big eyes and violin playing in background)


I actually don’t mind the ads, here is an example

For some reason, I always get this Meet Filipino Women, it is funny on how the ads know that I am a guy.

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Yeah… completely random … :wink:


Yes. Donate one month then cancel. That’s been Patreon’s response. Of course, you can also sponsor others like .Net Rocks, Daily Tech News Show, After On, …

Mark W.


Welp … it’s not just you @TobyLai …