So long and Thanks for all the Fish!

As many know, I will be leaving Epicor at the end of the week, March 6th.

It’s been an interesting ride for the last 19 years as I washed up ashore at Epicor after three dotbombs blew up from under me in a year. I never thought I would find the home I had here for so long and the wonderful folks I have met all along the way. I will be following with interest as Epicor evolves. I love to say that Epicor is finally being led by adults and have been so pleased with the turn around that has occurred in the development leadership with Himanshu’s vision and Lawrence’s execution focus. Epicor still has work to be done but the progress is remarkable on how far it has come in a few short years.

There are many excellent Epicor folks I’ll be sad to leave and have been honored to rephrase, present and accredit to them all their hard work. Rest assured there is plenty of talent and while I appreciate the kudos, please do not think I am the sole talent in the company - far from it.

Everyone keeps asking why or what happened and as with most systems I prefer, no single point of failure caused it. Last year was a very rough year on me personally and at the end of the year I needed to assess what I enjoyed doing. The largest aspect is that is just rough staring at wall for 8, 10, 12 hours a day that comes with our round the globe business and working remote. I miss the comradery that comes with working with teammates and have been more than a little jealous of the great team that has built out under me in Monterrey. I looked at different options but trying to get my wife to move away from our 5 grandkids is not going to happen :wink:

I found a place where I can continue to do more Cloud Native work that I enjoy and seems like they are experiencing the same pains of trying to move out of the legacy mindset that many in the industry are still stuck in. By intent, my role will be more IT and have more Operations responsibilities. I think this is a reality in where development is going in the industry so excited to give it a try after decades of app development.

I am available as always to the community and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at my personal email -


Best of luck @Bart_Elia!

All the best Bart. Love the title of the post.




Thanks for all the work you put in, and the many helpful posts you have left us here on the forums. Hope your new job is a good mix of relaxing and interesting.

@Bart_Elia DARN IT!
I’m supposed to say I am happy for you… I guess… SIGH

This is a huge loss to Epicor and the Epicor Community as a whole, you have changed Epicor for the better, the Epicor from 10 years ago to what it is today, the community involvement, user’s voice all of that and much more was in great part thanks to your contributions.

You will be sorely missed :cry: stick around here for the kicks when you are bored, PS you are SOOO getting the traitor badge…

Also, who inherits your mischievous children (aka US?) you have had a huge influence in this community spreading the word internally and externally to all who will listen about what goes on here and what our needs are, who will pick up that mantel?

Do we have to volunteer someone? Is it @Patrick.Ferrington, @aidacra, @Olga, @ivaldez, @Dmitry_Kashulin, @Epic_Santiago, @ecain, @Edge

Seriously @Bart_Elia good luck where you are going, and you are always welcomed here, thank you from the bottom of my heart


Thank you for being so accessible to our community! When I joined a few years ago, I was blown away that we had such access to your expert advice and open dialog. I do hope your successors will be able to fill such large shoes!


Thanks @Bart_Elia for everything you have done here. As the founding member of the traitor badge club… Welcome!

No two people are ever the same, so a direct replacement for Bart won’t be found. But new opportunities open and others will start filling in. You may have noticed I’ve been more active here in the last week or two and will be striving to keep an ear to what is going on. Our roles and focus’ are different but I don’t think you need to worry about a sudden silence in these pages.


@Bart_Elia thank you for all of your contributions! I am happy you are taking care of yourself :slight_smile:

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@Bart_Elia thanks for your help and advice over the years, good luck with your next company!

Thank you for all of your great contributions throughout the years @Bart! It has been an honor learning from you. You will be greatly missed and I hope they can find enough people to fill the void that you will be leaving. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!



Congratulations on your new adventure! Sometimes we all need to make “life” decisions. Being in IT over 35+ years, I completely understand as I’ve been down that road as well! You will be greatly missed.

Thank you for all of the knowledge you have shared with the community over the last several years!

Until we meet again…


To @pferrington’s and @josecgomez comments - I have been blessed to have a great team around me and a lot of my smarts is just polishing their brilliance. They have seen over the years that customers do not bite and are not that scary so you have seen more and more appearing in public to contribute their expertise. No company or group is one person and I am actually excited by the growth opportunities for others I have loved working with forever.


I will continue haunting these forums. As Bart said, I’m more of the quiet Beatle (Harrison to Bart’s McCartney).

I can’t keep up with the volume of new posts but if you tag me by name (@Epic_Santiago) you are all but assured a response when I get a chance. ERP server architecture is my main focus and I’ll help out whenever I can.

I’ve already poured my heart out to Bart so I won’t do it again here but needless to say, Bart’s legacy within Epicor will endure and the strong team he led will continue delivering on the cloud and ERP vision.


From personal experience no one bites harder than a Sales Engineer - those guys are dangerous! Customers aren’t even in the same league - after all they cannot chase us down on internal forums like those Sales Engineers can. :cold_face:

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All best @Bart_Elia

Adding to the list of occupations I avoid:

  • Front-End Web Designer, Fashion Expert - really, anything that requires color-coordination…
  • White House Press Secretary
  • Athletic Supporter Cup Engineer
  • Food Safety Inspector for Bear Grylls
  • Sales Engineer

@Bart_Elia - as you can see, you are a loved, respected, and highly value friend to us above all else. And while we certainly are sad to see you move on, we all (and I especially since I did the wall-staring for years) understand why and I think we openly applaud you for doing right by yourself and your family. It takes a strong person to recognize the need, and make a change like this.

If you ever need anything, you know where we are!!!


Best Wishes and Thanks for all you have done

Congrats @Bart_Elia!!! A lot of things have changed in your 19 years at Epicor, I would love to see a few more of your long posts about how it was in the old days!!