SQL Server with Vantage 8.0

I posted this in early September. While we're not in a position to do a
direct comparison (i.e. we don't have 8.0 on a Progress-only
environment, too...), there seems to be no current downside to being on
SQL. It just works and, in our case, I don't feel like we are a second
class citizen since we're running on/under SQL Server. By the way, when
SQL Server 2005 is certified, things are likely to get even better in
terms of being able to manage/optimize the system. There was an
effective presentation at Perspectives this year making that point. My
opinion of our SQL-based implementation has not changed in the nearly 60
days since the following was originally posted:

We're a new Vantage 8.0.802b customer and are using SQL Server 2000. We
did a ton of due diligence on the database selection issue and we
learned from Epicor that prior to 8.0 there were SIGNIFICANT advantages
to being on Progress. With the new Progress OpenEdge 10.0 development
environment that is the foundation for the 8.0 Vantage product, it's my
understanding that the gap has been substantially narrowed and that a
"native" Progress installation will only have a 3 to 4% performance edge
over a SQL-based installation. The message I got from very seasoned
Epicor sources was "Go with what you've got -- If you're already
supporting a SQL Server and know how to administer it, you're better off
sticking with it"

I gave Epicor every opportunity to tell me to use Progress and they
stuck to the "Go with what you know" line. We're not yet in production
and I have no historical basis for comparison, but the development and
test environments we're running are certainly not DB-bound from what I
can tell.

John Sykes
Kaleidescape, Inc.

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| Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, running Vantage
| 8.0 on a
| SQL Server database?
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Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, running Vantage 8.0 on a
SQL Server database?