SSL Certificate Issue

We have set up a test server on 2021.1.100.15 and when we assign a non SSL certificate we get the error “Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority”. My application server won’t connect and keeps coming up with that error, not sure what i’ve done wrong

I have seen that in 2021.2.6 where Epicor’s generate cert isnt’ playing nice. I ended up making a new cert outside of Epicor and fixing it via IIS.

I’d be glad to see what @Olga suggests we look into.

I also didnt spend too much time on it, just needed to get by for dev.

I’ll second @hasokeric’s experience. Last week we were getting the same error on 2021.2 on one of two app servers. Using a cert from a trusted authority fixed the issue. We wanted the real cert anyway for oData in Excel, so we didn’t spend any time on it.

We have an external issued certificate but this does not work. What are the requirements? Does the ‘issued to’ have to be the same as something? Apologies if this is a stupid question but this is the first time i’ve worked with certificates. We didn’t believe this would be an issue as we could of sworn when we did the same in 10.2.700 it worked fine.