Ssrs barcode

Been looking at adding bar codes to reports. Ideally id like a coulpe of bar codes on our pack slip.

i have the DWBAR39.tff - ive installed the font on the server where report builder is installed and where ssrs reporting services is running. Ive installed the same on my pc where im running the report.

I have enabled bar codes in company config

Ive added a field to the report -with dwbar font selected

Ive restarted SSRS Reporting Services, and run the reort but the bar codes do not print- the text is beign printed but not the bar code

Please help! what am i missing?

Hello, Carla. I am curious what does the ‘Value’ property for the desired barcode field look like? This to say, just to start with the basics, the field needs to have start and stop characters and not just the raw field data. For code39, asterisks. So, it will either need to be the Calculated BC field from the Dataset, or an Expression that you create.

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Hi Michael
It is the raw value:

I read i didnt need the astrix- but if i add them in then it outputs:

and not the bar code

Hm. Okay, well at least it appears to be a step closer. We’re not on premise so I am not certain if the Fonts need to be confirmed as being in place for the actual user account that your Epicor Windows Services is using, or what other configuration steps specifically are required, but it does seem to just be a configuration step.

Interestingly if i export to excel or word the bar code shows- just not when printed direct to printer or to pdf…

After adding the font to the server, did you restart the server?

no i have not- its a production server, i did restart ssrs
It is printing when outputting to word, or excel ive discovered, just not to pdf or when printing directly to printer :frowning:

It might be worth a try.

yes ill restart this evening

ive tried scanning the barcodes that word and excel output but apps on my phone dont recognise the barcode- is this normal?

Are you trying to do it from your screen or printing it? I’ve had problems scanning 1D barcodes from screens in the past.

yes from my screen ill try print the word doc and see it that works

Nah no difference, ive tried 3 different apps to scan the barcode- its like the DataWorks 39 format is not a recogniseable format

That is the font that we use and ours scan. Do you have a barcode scanner you could try?

Try printing the “barcode” value as regular text… and make sure that the actual text is surrounded by asterisks.

Thanks everyone- ive managed to get a word output to show the bar code, and it scans!

I also have a decimal field which i need bar coding- however the bar code is showing with a # - i dont think it likes converting a decimal …so i think its erroring

How can i get pdfs to work?