SSRS Expression Error


Hello all,
I’ve copy the Production Detail Report Data Definition.
I’ve unchecked ExcludeColumn on ProdBurRate and saved.
I’ve added a new Report Style and clicked Sync Dataset.

In SSRS I’ve added ProdBurRate to the Query and to the Fields.

I’ve printed from a Job with the Report Style and definition. I can check the Report DB with that GUID. I see that ProdBurRate is a column of INT type. I see the value I’m looking for in the table.

In SSRS when I choose that field as the Value of the Text Box Property I get this error:
[rsInvalidExpressionDataType] The Value expressino used in textrun ‘TxtBurdenLabor.Paragraph[0].TextRuns[0]’ retunred a data type that is not valid.

What did I miss?

Did you check the format for the cells? I think rate should be decimals or number in this case.

I’ve just tested that based on your suggestion. No difference.
I didn’t create a new box. I’m recycling a box that had a working formula expression in it. One that was showing a numeric result.

It seems like the textbox was a Textfield and is expecting a text field, So that is why I asked that.

Then I would suggest creating a new text box or even dragging and dropping that box, since it may seem that there is a record that is showing a data type that is not valid.

One good way to debugging is to create a BAQ and check the ProdBurRate records to see if there is something you need to be considering.

Most of the time you will need to put a condition to prevent from this to happen.

I think you nudged me enough to find what I needed.

this is what I needed in the Expression to make it work:
First(Fields!ProdBurRate.Value, “JobHead”)


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oh good! Glad to help haha