SSRS font issue

Good afternoon everyone.

We are redesigning our OrderAck etc in test… The marketing team have chosen font Myriad Pro but some of the font displays but other bits don’t? It’s installed on the app server. :confused:

This is in french…

image - Adobe PDF reader

image - Edge

image - Original report not modified…

image - SSRS Report Designer (print layout)

It doesn’t like symbols above the word. :confused: Any suggestions or would be a case of changing the font to something else…

From memory the font needs to be on the SSRS server I think

Install the fonts on the server where SSRS Service is running as well as the development machine

It is on both :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I do remember having to stop and start the SSRS service to register a change I made, could have been adding a font.

Yeah, done that no difference :confused:

I’m out of ideas sorry! …Although my only other suggestion is to make marketing choose a different font :sweat_smile:

Haha already sent that email… :laughing:

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Found the issue it isn’t the SSRS doing it. Adobe Reader is messing with the font…

Weirdly enough, they make that font! :woozy_face:

Foxit PDF and it’s rendered perfectly… LOL


Are they looking for licensed use (aka - $$$$) of their font? :wink:

Mean while in the Adobe Head Office…


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