SSRS Page Number Off on Batch Print


I have an issue with SSRS and batch printing AR invoices. I’ve had a lot of issues with batch printing invoices. Mostly to do with objects in the page header. At this point I only have the page numbers in the page header and they still don’t appear right on some invoices. My issue is I have multi-page invoices, one is a three page invoice the other is a six page invoice. My issue is, this example would be the three page invoice: Page one says 1of2 page two says 2of2 but page three says 1of1. Same with the six page report, it says 1of5,2of5, etc up to 5of5 then 1of1 for the last page of the invoice. Also if I go to invoice tracker and print preview just the three page invoice it shows the page numbers correct, so only an issue in batch printing. Also there are other muli-page invoices where the page numbers appear correctly. I’ve been going to down a rabbit hole of page sizes, soft and hard page breaks, and page interactive size and nothing seems to consistently fix this issue. Does anybody have any feedback or information on what would do this or how to fix it? I’m using the built in Global! page number fields in the page header, so I feel like there isn’t much I can do here to modify the report to alleviate this issue. Thanks for reading.

I suggest you add a section in the top of the tablix. That section needs to be repeated on each page and hidden. Add a field in that section to show the Invoice Number and name the field txtInvoiceNo by example. Then, in the page header, instead of the actual field work with the following expression: ReportItems!txtInvoiceNo.Value

That should help.