SSRS Report uploading zipped to Cloud

When uploading the file to the Cloud for SSRS reports, it is requesting a zip file. What is the best practice to download, make your changes in Report Builder, test the changes using the GUID and then reuploading it into Epicor. Seems like I download the report which saves it in a zip file, extract it to another folder location, make my changes and save it and then resave it to another zip file to be uploaded into Epicor. I am trying to find what is the best way to make changes and test those changes in a Cloud hosted environment which might be different from on premise which doesn’t allow testing with the GUID. It’s the zipped file uploading that is new to me or has this always been how it’s been for the Cloud?

What command are you using to Download/Upload SSRS reports? I have never seen a .zip file involved - unless maybe using a Solution File.

In my SaaS lifetime, I used Report Style and that prompts for a Folder Location and I used the same location for the upload.

I go into Report Style then Download SSRS report and it prompts to save as type .zip. I’ve never seen it download as a zipped file before. I was under the same thinking as you that it downloads and uploads from the same folder location but this time when it uploads it also requests the .zip folder location. version 2022.1.8.

Ah, might be different in 2022… :thinking:

Nope, it’s the same process here in SaaS. Downloads into Reports, as RDL. Then you can copy it over to your ‘Custom Report’ folder and manipulate.

So it downloads and uploads using zip files?

No, RDL. Not sure where the ZIP would have come into play.

This is the screenshot when uploading. It says ‘select zip file with reports’. Does your screen show the same when uploading ssrs report?


ah probably a difference between the kinetic screen and the classic one. The classic one zips it for you behind the scenes I think. It would probably be a less tedious to just use the classic screen, but if you can’t then the process you laid out in your OP is probably the way to go

Ew, Kinetic. Yep, no surprise there! Sorry overlooked that one. I will test now. If I don’t like it, I’ll open a Support Case.

Well I’ll be, they got this one documented and everything.

Designing the Report

The SSRS Report Designer is the Kinetic application you use to download the report .zip file. This .zip file contains the .rdl file that you open in your design tool.

  1. Review the report information on the Design and Test card.
  2. Select the Overflow menu and Download. The .zip file downloads to your local machine.
  3. Open the file in Microsoft™ SQL Server Report Builder™ or a similar SSRS report design tool.
  4. Make the changes you need to the report.
  5. When you finish, save the report as a .zip file.

So, yes, you need to DL them in ZIP and then put them back in as ZIP.

:expressionless: meh. Classic is here to stay :smiley: because it just works.

Somehow it should download into the zip folder, save your changes in that same zip folder and upload it from that zip. It seems like you can’t save as in a zip folder?

Most Companies block .zip files so that will be definitely an extension that will cause some trouble with anyone using something like ZScaler.

But I recommend you use 7-zip

It may contain sub-reports so it’s not always just one RDL. I guess I would download the ZIP, extract it, do the work, drag the files back into the ZIP, then upload it. :person_shrugging:

TBH, the download/upload folder was confusing until you just picked one folder and went with it…

Yes, it’s the extracting part of it that is more annoying now with zip where previously you could download, save and upload all in one location. Now you have to extract it and drag it back to the zip. Is this the new process with Kinetic? The issue I see is that whenever you need to download multiple report styles into the ‘’ it overrides the previous one so you only have one .zip folder with only one .rdl report…correct?

I imagine you can rename the file to whatever you want to prevent the overwriting. When you upload, just choose the file you want to upload. ( for example)

Does generate for design not work anymore?

I believe the generate for design works with only BAQ Reports and not standard SSRS reports?

It works for ANY custom report including SSRS reports - its basically the only way I modify reports anymore. (But I’m on 2021.2 - that’s why I’m asking if they took that away in 2022. That would be really awful).