Standardize your Version numbers Epicor for the Love of GOD

“I have Epicor Idea votes to sell…”

11.2.300.x is Kinetic 2023.1.x, Spring Release. If anything besides the last dot release increments it’s next seasonal update year.1 (spring) or year.2 (fall). Before anyone asks, no i have no power to change the versioning scheme :D. The former version is complexity based, the latter is time based, so the numbers dont really have a relationship to find. There’s no puzzle to unlock there.

And just for fun it’s also epicor ux platform version 9.x which is semantic versioned :innocent:

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We do feel your pain. This causes confusion within Epicor. We have similar complaints about Microsoft around SQL server with the public version getting a year name, the actual version being a few digits behind that and then everyone forgets to check the DB compatibility level which is yet another number but maps to the capabilities available at a specific SQL server release

But this is about Kinetic not other product lines with similar issues. I am not in charge of versioning. What I can do is provide you with something that may help - this is not an official Epicor Document - do not treat it as such. But I hope it can help with some of the confusion.
Bad link sorry - try this one: Kinect Versioning.docx


Thanks Patrick!!!

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Don’t know what everyone’s problem is, Epicor’s graphic should clear everything up.

And the CSG modules like Document Sender, and how AFR and EDA and ECM refer to the version in their documentation. I swear I have to build a new Venn diagram just to make sure I’ve got the right version of everything we use every time I upgrade or patch.

I really wouldn’t care, except that support will tell you, oh that’s fixed in How am I supposed to know what version that is? And why can’t they be bothered to do the translation when communicating with customers when they KNOW everything goes according to 2022.x.x on Epicweb and everywhere else that is customer facing? I have even asked support before, which version is that, and they don’t know/can’t be bothered to figure it out. The cross reference you posted is great. That should be posted to epicweb for everyone to refer to.

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Bless Epicor and the hard-working women and men that create an ERP system supporting businesses all over the US, businesses that probably bring in billions of dollars as a whole. It’s no easy task to create an ERP system much less re-work it (Vantage, Epicor 9, Epicor 10, Kinetic), but @KevinK is working on it (Ancient posts "new" since my last visit? - #16 by KevinK)

@KevinK this is what you get to look forward to- feedback of all sorts.

I know a lot of us are being critical with utmost respect for Epicor, but there are always those that bash and yell without any regard to just how impressive this ERP system is. All I know is, every version has improved year over year. Remember to comment the good things every once in a while, :wink: and always be critical- it’s what makes the system better.


The name change to “Kinetic” - is it “Kinetic” or “Epicor Kinetic”. Causing quite a ruckus here since a lot of folder names were Epicor and now we are in mixed mode (EpicorData, but install in Kinetic folder). I see the Kinetic Idea uses “Epicor Kinetic” :laughing:

But then again, I’m still struggling with Site and Plant…

Personally, my complaint is that marketing had to stick their nose it to this. Are sales really driven by the version convention used?

And I see they’ve borrowed from the auto industry by releasing next year’s models this fall.

Please tell me that they are never going to use the seasons as a release level. Every calendar year has two winters. Or if you’re south of the equator, two summers with fall and spring being flip flopped.

I get that companies need to keep products new (or at least show the appearance of that). Maybe I’m too pragmatic, but if customers are basing the choice of ERP on basis of its cool or fresh name, over the qualities and features of the product, then just consider me an old man that should be put out to pasture.

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We’re using E11/K22 here. LOL. If the they’re not going to change the icon from an “E” to a “K”, users are going to call it Epicor.

I have users that still call it “Vista” (the little brother to Vantage)

Had an issue with printing Inventory Count Tags in 2022.2.5, opened a call, and received the following note.

Able to duplicate in current code 11.2.300, unable to duplicate in last release; tags report was printed without any errors.

Someone is going to need a decoding app soon!