Standardize your Version numbers Epicor for the Love of GOD

I know we are short on votes now a days. But this is such an easy thing for Epicor to fix and it will reduce confusion across the board.

Great… Which… Marketing version is that? 2022.3? 2023.1.3? 2023.3?
My abacus is all out of beads figuring this one out…


Updooted. Really is silly.

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Only matters to us nerds that need to track the PBs and know where in time and space we are LOL
I shall call them The Cthulhu Numbers. The numbering so terrible to behold that it destroys the sanity of those who see it.

Also aha is silly. My username and password are incorrect? but i’m in? shrug


300? That means the third update of 11.2, which would be, what, Smarch 2022?

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Not true for CR, for Support Tickets everything uses one of the 3 versions but not all the same. I know for a fact this is even confusing internally. It make no sense!

Look at Chrome, FireFox at all they gave up and just went to Whole Number Versions every time sequential Zero confusion. Version 32!

I still wanna know what release is 11.2.300 :thinking:

^ proving my point :rofl::rofl:
No see… exactly! We just got 11.200.2 in the Fall (october) release which mapped to 2022.2

So 11.200.3 by definition is AFTER october, and I do not believe Epicor has a Winter Release in 2022… so it has to be 2023.X (can’t figure out the X)

Let me know if you wanna barrow my Abacus…:abacus: (it didn’t help) but its fun to use.

CC: @bconner (help us out from a developer side… DOWN WITH MARKETING VERSION!!!)

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11.2.300 = 2023.1


Thanks Olga
So… 11.2.300 correlates to 2023.1 (in marketing) yeah that’s not going to confuse anyone. :expressionless:

So if the 300 patch changes with the year? then what changes the initial 11.2 ← .2… or even the 11?

Following the above pattern
11.2.200 → 2022.2
11.2.300 → 2023.1
11.2.400 → 2023.2
11.2.500 → 2024.1
11.2.600 → 2024.2

When do we go from 11.2 to 11.3? or 12?

So the take-away is support and development need to use the marketing numbers and not the assembly segments when talking to us?

.2 was set because of big technolofy change, WCF => ASP.NET Core. It is not supposed to change second digit every year. Well, at least for now.

I dug through my files and found the workflow they use to come up with the version numbers. It is clearly defined below if anyone is confused refer to this.

Thanks! :sweat_smile:


Sorry, @josecgomez, I can’t read the previous image as provided. Too small. Could you please supply the previous schematic on microfiche so that I may utilize my microfiche reader to blow up the image to readable size for my old eyes. Thank you!

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ahhh yup yup i seen it


Apologies ours broke years ago and haven’t been able to find replacement parts. I do have a hand copied version that our scribes put together circa 1487 which I could mail to you.


It must be handled in a clean room though


this is a complete sentence

Also to add to this… In 2022.2 many of the CSF version numbers changed as well and are now lower/older than their 2022.1 version number so you get an undocumented warning when installing them in the solution workbench… fun times

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I really like:

  • 11.2.200
  • 11.2.300
  • 11.2.400
  • 11.2.500
  • 11.2.600

I’m sure they just use “Internal Part Cross Reference” to keep it all straight.


^ this wins the internet today thank you for that :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: