Inventory/WIP Reconciliation

I ran an uposted to GL report from Inventory and WIP reconciliation dating back to 2012, and per the report, there are a bunch of unposted transactions mainly from April and June, but some back to 2012. I was just given access to be able to run the Capture COS/WIP Activity, and did see that I was having trouble with posting to GL. I am not sure why. Would anybody know? My settings for running capture, are:

Starting and Ending Period: The month we are closing
I have the boxes for posting to GL, Cost of Sales/Mfg Variance, and to capture outdated transactions marked, and have my outdated transactions dating back to April 2011 to Earliest Apply Date, but it the capture still managed to not POST.

I, also, asked a colleague who has ran capture in the past to run it, in which he did, but still left a lot of of unposted transactions.

Any ideas what may be happening.

Thank you

Not sure about E9, but back in V8 you had to review “outdated” transactions and assign them a new date. E10 just forces the outdated trans to the 1st day of the oldest open period.

Have you checked the review journal? Epicor 9 will send things to the review journal if there are missing GL codes, etc. You can find the review journal in General Ledger>Gen Ops.

Thank you Sue. This was helpful. I have reached to customer support for assistance to fix the issue.