I am having a problem with sub-contract shipments and getting costs to flow
correctly to the job. I understand how the process works, which seems to be
setup around the belief that you receive back in what you ship out for
sub-contract work. On almost all cases, we ship parts to our sub-contracter
who then ships direct to our customer. We never see the parts again. The
problem I am faced with is as follows:

As Vantage is setup now,

-The cost flows into the job after a receipt from the sub-contractor is made
(P.O. is entered and receipt is linked to correct P.O.)

-The sub-contract operation (which is a step in the job) is completed after
the receipt is entered.

-The parts are then shipped in Customer Shipment Entry (which prompts the
closing of the job)

What I need:

I need to ship to the sub-contractor, get the costs to flow into the job,
and close out the P.O, and mark the operation as complete without having to
enter a dummy receipt from the sub-contractor

The Question:

Is there any way to get around entering dummy receipts to get the cost of
the sub-contract to flow into the job, mark the operation as complete, close
the P.O, and mark the order as shipped complete.

We cannot use the customer shipment entry to ship to the subcontacor because
the cost will not flow in and the job shows as complete even though the
sub-contract work is not done.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

John Mueske
Hiatt Manufactuirng, Inc.
Vantage 3.00.632 / Progrss 8.3A