Sub-contracting Packing Slips

My shipping people have a real frustration with Sub-contracting shipments.
Since on the packing slip the ship quantity doesn't default to the correct
backorder quantity; Vantage deducts both the mfg(send) and the pur(rec)
quantity from the order quantity, they have to go to job tracker and add up
the mfg quantities to figure it out. This can be a real pain on a large job
(read big customer) that will have many subcontracting shipments. I'm
pretty sure Vantage said they were going to fix this problem but I checked
4.0 improvements and I didn't see mention of Subcontracting. Since I
modified the Sub-contracting form so they could write in the backorder
quantity, I'm wondering if anyone has a form that puts in the correct
quantity? Or does anyone else have this problem and a good work around?