Tracking Mat'ls Issued to Subs

I inquired to tech support about how to track materials issued to a subcontractor (packing slip, inventory, etc.) and they sent me an enhancement request (copied below). It seems I'm only the second to require such a feature for 3.0, but I'd like to confirm that with the Group.

I can't say I like the workaround they suggested, and we since we will be going to 4.0 by month-end, I'd like the group's comments on my alternative...

What I'd prefer is the ability to print packing slips when transferring raw materials from one warehouse to another. Then I'd simply set up my subcontractor as a warehouse and issue materials to the job from that warehouse. Does 4.0 have this ability? Should it?

*** Page ID: 171.934
*** Status: Suggestion
*** Created On: Nov 12 1996
*** Changed On: Oct 27 1997
*** Added By: Tammie Fuerstenberg
*** Product: VANTAGE
SUMMARY: Provide a way to issue material to a subcontract operation. If a
is shipped out to a subcontractor for work and there is material shipped
that subassembly, there is not a good way to track how much material was
to the vendor. .
COMMENTS: Customer needs a way to ship material with a subassembly for
subcontract assembly. They may send a box of 1000 when the vendor only
600 out of the box for the job. They need a packing slip that shows what
out, and what came back.

Create two part numbers, one for the raw material itself (part A) and one
for the raw material with subcontract applied to it (part B). Create a job
for your final part number (part C) that has part B as a subassembly, with
subcontract as the only operation of subassembly B and material for
subassembly B would be part A. Another option would be to create a separate
job for part B with only a subcontract operation and material requirement of
part A. Make it to stock and issue to other jobs as part B, which would be
a material on another job..

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