Ugh! This one is a pain so I wanted to see if anyone out there has done something similar.

I have a requirement to maintain a “sub-revision”. So, we have a customer with multiple locations around the globe. When they submit their first order, they provide a revision number and drawing. Subsequent orders from either the same location or other locations from around the globe, could come in with the same revision, a different revision, or no revision at all.

On top of the customer supplied revision, we are also required by the customer to maintain revisions of our method of manufacture.

So, I need to be able to track the customer revision, our method revision, and also default orders that we receive with no revision listed to the current customer revision.

I was looking at using alternate methods, but it does not appear to have an approved field to make sure the current method is selected.

Has anyone run into a situation like this and how did you address it.

Never mind. I was looking in Part Maintenance to see where the approved flag was for the alternate. It is in the engineering workbench.

Some brainstorming for you:
You can treat NO revision orders as a revision of NONE.
Order Entry lets you link the customer’s revision to the part file revision – so when another location orders the same thing with different revision or no revision.
Hopefully you don’t’ ship to multiple locations from a single order line, it would be better to have each sales line just ship to one location otherwise it adds another layer of complication.
Packing slips can show the customer revision along with the part master file revision for you auditing purposes.
You can have multiple approved revisions for the same part to make it simpler for sales and the CustXPart reference file but whoever maintains parts may need to use revision compare and be aware you have the same exact routing, comments and BOM on 2 revision when changes occur.
Lot Tracking could also help keep track of revisions on lots if you are shipping from inventory as the last second and would help with revision tracking.
Just some suggestions; hard to be exact without knowing more specifics about your configuration and use of Epicor.

Patrick Winter

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