Subcontract PO Expedite Message if Job is scheduled to finish late

Hello all,

Has anyone dealt with this situation, & how?

  • We have a job with a Req by date 1 week from now
  • we don’t use historical dates in scheduling; the routing lead time is 2 weeks, so it’s scheduled due/to finish in 2 weeks (customer order inside of lead time)
  • there’s a subcontract op that accounts for 1.5 weeks of the job schedule

What I see is, because the job is scheduled out late beyond the req by date, even though the entire job is projected to be late, the subcontract operation is “on time” according the the job schedule, so it doesn’t flag any expedite messages. That only seems to happen on the job level.

Is there a relatively automatic, system based way to show the actual estimated schedule (not historical date based) while also flagging purchasing to expedite subcontracts if possible?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for looking -