Suggested Enhancement: Quote Mgt / RFQ's ver. 5.1

We discovered the following problem with RFQ's generated in the
quoting process:

Even if an RFQ is received back and the pricing is linked into
a Quote Material line, then creating a job and getting details from
Linked Quote will put another RFQ Suggestion out there for the part
since it defaults to the job material requirement as RFQ needed.

The RFQ needed box is still checked. It shouldn't be checked
since the RFQ was received for the quote earlier.

Even though the job's Material Req was marked Purchase Direct,
generating Purchase suggestions does not create a suggestion for this
material because of the RFQ needed box being checked in the job.

If anyone else is having this problem please call and request a
customer enhancement as according to tech support, this is working as
it was designed to work. Unfortunately, on a large job you could
miss ordering items if you don't go into every line item and verify
that the RFQ Needed box is unchecked before generating suggestions.

Call number is 789653MPS.


Kim Trapp
Vantage point of contact
Hawk Technology Ltd.