8.03.406 Material RFQ's in Quotes

When we quote parts in our system we check the RFQ needed box and put in a qty. Purchasing get the RFQ request and sends it out to our suppliers. When they get the responses back they go into the Supplier Responses in the Supplier Relationship Management module and enter the appropriate information. Most of our materials have a base number of Lead time days and if the RFQ comes back with something different and we enter it the supplier response, when we go to pull that price break into the material line in the quote, it says that the 'Supplier has already been accepted, cannot change lead time days' message. The only way to fix it is to update the lead time days in the price break (which is incorrect).

Is anyone else having this issue and reported it and or are we doing something incorrectly in our flow?

Any help and direction would be appreciated.
 Melissa Hietala
UMC, Inc.

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