Sum Column in a BAQ

Is there a way to sum columns in a BAQ without doing it through a dashboard view?


There are lots of ways. How would you like it to show up? The total (same number) on each line? Or just on line with the total?

I want to see it like it is above. I just want to run the baq and sum the column within the BAQ. I don’t want any extra columns added to the BAQ.

The BAQ grid can do the same thing as the dashboard one.

Other than that, no there isn’t a way to add another row at the bottom with the sums

Grid, I will have to research. Do you have an example.

It’s the exact same grid that is in a dashboard.

There IS a way, it’s just a bit hacky. You can add a union query with the totals, and an extra column with a manual indicator of whether a particular row is a detail one or a total, and enforce the ordering so the total always appears in the right place.

It isn’t often the right solution to the core problem, but it is doable.

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Ok. Yeah, that’s where I am at.