Supplier Rework to New Revision

I have a part that I need to send to a vendor to rework to the new revision. Is this possible via the RMA/DMR process or should I create a job utilizing a subcontract operation?

Advice is welcome - trying to find the best practice.

How do you want to capture the costs of the rework? If it just goes to your typical labor and burden accounts, use a typical job so it goes through the production accounts.

If you’d rather capture the “cost of quality” as such, you’d want to nonconform the part out of inventory and bring it into the DMR process, where the job costs will (probably) go through your quality accounts.

This is a build to print part from a supplier - we do not produce this part.

So this has been sitting on your shelf and needs to be updated? I would recommend nonconforming, DMR, create a rework job (with demand link to stock) with the subcontract operation. That way you have all your documentation.

For something like this, “best practice” depends more on what your other requirements are… mostly traceability and documentation. Your Finance people will probably want to at least understand how the costs are going to flow as well (I’m assuming since you asked the question that this is more than a few dollars we’re talking about).

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