I couldn’t create a UD field in the UserFile table and then learned it had to be done in the SysUserFile table. That worked and the field is available in epibinding on the User Form customization. Now, I am trying to create a BAQ that joins the UserId from the UserFile table to the SysUserFile_UD table. But, the only field available in the SysUserFile_UD table is the UD field I created. Any suggestions on how can I make that join happen?

Use the SysUserFile table in BAQ, it will show both base and ud columns.

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I don’t see them. I wonder if it is an issue on the version we’re on,

This is ringing a bell for me.

There is an Ice.UserFile and an Erp.UserFile. The Ice version is the real deal but the Erp version is a copy…sort of. It doesn’t include any of the password/identification information. I put in a request to at least make the UserID available so we could link the two so we could get UD data like this but that was three years ago.

Maybe try adding the column for Erp.UserFile?

Hi Mark,
I originally did add the UD field to the UserFile but it wasn’t showing up in the EpiBinding list after going through the regenerating data model process. Then support told me I had to use the SysUserFile. I will put in another case with support related to the first one to see if they have an answer for me. Thanks for your help! If I get the solution, I will post it on this thread.

I have the oldest Environment is 10.2.400 and it’s also showing all the fields, for your version may have an issue. You can try View and External BAQ.

I found out through EpiCare that this was a known issue in our version and was fixed in 10.2.400. They gave me a work around to create calculated fields for pull in the data I want to join by and that worked. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions!

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