Tamper Proofing PDF AR Invoice or PO's

Has anyone done any work with regards to tamper proofing AR Invoices or PO’s? It has been pointed out that employees can potentially open an Invoice or a PO in Acrobat and change Bank Accts or other Amounts. We e-mail most of our Invoices through APM. The concern is greatest with employees being able to print preview and edit prior to emailing.


You can digital certify the document where a cryptographic hash is done and can be checked later. Some providers actually let one display a photo of a signature but that’s just for human consumption. Googling “automated digital signature” will give you some providers to choose from.

Here’s a prior thread on the topic.

And besides the concern of your own employees, editing them. There is always the concern that a third party intercepts them and alters the remittance info.

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Thanks for the suggestions… I am wondering if there are any existing security settings that we could take advantage of in the way Epicor creates a PDF? I am not really up on the exact mechanism that renders the data in PDF and could possibly set the security settings on PDF’s.

I see all kinds of apps that allow you to block a PDF from edits being made, but this involves interrupting the document flow and inserting a third party app.

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There are DLL’s that are used to create the PDF file. And in those DLL’s is “hardwired” code that sets the various parameters of the PDF.

I only know this because during one version update, those DLL’s changed the scaling used to render the PDF. Something along the lines of old version rendered the PDF to default to printing at 100% scale, while the new version caused printing to be “Shrink to fit” This caused problems on pre-printed forms like checks. That thread may have insight into what other PDF settings are controlled by the DLL.


Here’s the thread. Not as much internal info about the DLL’s as I thought.

Ah! That’s a great lead… Thanks!

PDFPrintingNet.dll is in the client folder.

But I’d assume that server side printing, like Adv Print Routing, use a copy of that that is on the server.

You’d need to alter the Epicor DLL’s that call functions within PDFPrintingNet, have the Epicor DLL enable the security settings in the PDF to be generated, via settings within PDFPrintingNet.

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That’s a nice project to figure out how to throw in controls!

Just wondering if it is easy to prevent printing of AR Invoices or PO Forms? Can I disable the print and print preview buttons on menus?

You can set security on the form that pops-up (the epicor window where the user selects options for the report to be printed)

May be a little early but I will mention that digital signing of report PDFs is a feature that will be found in 10.2.600 upon release. It uses the digital certificate store that has been in Epicor 10 for several releases - primarily used for sending formal electronic reports to governments that require them. IN 10.2.600 you will be able to import a digital certificate and on the report style I believe select the certificate you wish to use to sign the PDF. When the PDF is generated and digitally signed adobe acrobat and other readers will report signing errors if someone without that certificate modifies the contents of the PDF.


That is wonderful news, and yet another reason to bring upgrading to the front burner!


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