Tax Connect Error - AR Invoice Entry

We continually receive the error message “Taxes need to be calculated before printing” when trying to post AR Invoice Entry. We Transfer all invoices to a new group and it usually works. This is becoming very annoying. Does anyone else have this issue?

Did you guys check the results under Tax Connect - View Results? Also did you try Group - Calculate Tax?


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Yes, neither of those fix this error. For some reason the work around is to go to Actions à Invoice à Transfer Invoice and create a new group name. Then it allows us to print the edit list and post. It happens very randomly, but is becoming frustrating for our AR admin.

Last time this was reported to us I wasn’t able to see why it would happen and without the customer database to troubleshoot it made it difficult.

After a closer look today it seems like the validation is looking at all invoices using the same GroupID, even the ones already posted, and if they are marked for tax connect calculation and the status found is not correct it is triggering the error. Which is why using a unique never used before GroupID fixes it.

In theory, if an invoice was processed through tax connect and posted successfully in the ERP, it should have the correct status and the error should not happen, but it seems like it can happen and here we are.

If you can dump the following info for all invoices with the same GroupID I could take a look to identify which ones are triggering the error and maybe figure out why. In the meantime I’ll create a ticket to fix this particular validation.

  • InvcHead.InvoiceNum/Posted/InvoiceType/RecalcBeforePost
  • InvcDtl.InvoiceNum/TaxConnectCalc
  • TaxSvcHead.TaxSvcID/ResultCode/RemoteState/

Thank you, Jonathan. Occasionally, we still get the error message even if the groupID has never been used before – does that change anything?

Is the data you are looking for something you’d like me to kick out with a BAQ?

Thanks again!

In that case it seems at least one of the invoices in the group might have tax connect errors, and that is why you can’t proceed.

SQL or BAQ, whatever is easiest for you.

I saw your post earlier and then our AP department just contacted me about the same thing!

NM…just found out that ours was due to a Credit Memo on an RMA that hasn’t been posted yet.