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Let me apologize ahead of time if i am asking questions in the wrong place.

I have a new customer and they are Epicor v8.03 users and i have some basic questions

  1. How do I create / update a test database?
  2. How do I log into the test database?
  3. Where is the MIS application and how to setup a user in MIS?

I appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

Thank you,

It will depend on if the DB is Progress OpenEdge, or SQL.

Looks like it is Progress b/c if it was SQL Server I would see a SQL server instance, which I do not see.

We had V8.03 with Progress a few years ago. I used to regularly copy the live DB to a Test DB. So it is possible. Some things it will depend on, is if the other Apps (like Pilot and Test) were setup when V8 was installed. If they were, then you can restore a copy of a backup of the LIVE DB to the TEST DB.

I’ll have to look through my archives to find the instructions I used.

I think you mean MES, but all you do is add /MES at the end of the command in the shortcut.

I appreciate the quick responses. Were you able to find a procedure on doing the backup and restore?

Thank you! Is there a different area that I create MES users?

I believe that there is an old test database already, but i dont know how to log into it. The databases I am used to had switches you could add in the path of the shortcut or out have a field of the database name you wanted to log into.

Any idea how i get into the test db?

They are standard users, but you will need to create an employee too. Often this is associated to the user.

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Still looking for the procedure to copy a live DB to a test one in a Progress environment.

As for the login. The Shortcut will point to a file with an extension like “.mfgsys”
that config file should be in the c:\client803…\config

In the folder below the config folder, should be a config editor.exe.

8.03 selects the DB based on the port# used to connect. I think Live was 8030, and the others weer like 8530, 8730, etc… Just changing the port number in the .mfgsys file should connect you to the other DB.

@ckrusen I thought you had it covered.

This is in the installation guide for 9.05. I assume it is close for a production to test database just replace the destination and source file details. The destination I think in each subfolder is mfgsys at least for 9. Not sure about 8.

9.3 Restore the Demonstration Database
Use the following instructions to restore the Demonstration Database using the Progress ProRestore command.
These instructions assume the Epicor 9.05 Demonstration Database is installed in: C:\Epicor\Epicor905\db\Training.

  1. Go to the location where you downloaded the zipped file.
  2. Open the .zip file. For example, extract the Epicor9_Database_90570x_WinxxProgress.ed file directly into
    the C:\Epicor\Epicor905\db\Training folder.
  3. Navigate to Start > All Programs > OpenEdge 10.2A, right-click ProEnv and select Run as administrator
    from the menu. A DOS window opens.
  4. At the proenv> prompt, type: Prompt and press Enter.
  5. Type: cd\ and press Enter.
  6. At the c:> prompt, type: cd Epicor\Epicor905\db\Training and press Enter.
  7. At the C:\Epicor\Epicor905\db\Training> prompt, run the Prorest command. For example, type: prorest
    mfgsys Epicor9_Database_90570x_WinxxProgress.ed and press Enter.
  8. At the overwrite message, type Y and press Enter.
  9. When the restore is completed, you are returned to the C:\Epicor\Epicor905\db\Training> prompt. Type exit
    to close the DOS window

Thank you VERY MUCH fellas! I really appreciate it.
I am gonna give these a shot today.

I looked up some old info form our V8.03 days…

As far as launching a specific DB, it uses the .mfgsys file on the the client.

Here’s the target of a shortcut to my LIVE DB
C:\client803\client\MfgSys.exe /CONFIG=default-beis.mfgsys

And Here’s what I had in the Pilot
C:\client803\client\MfgSys.exe /CONFIG="pilot-beis.mfgsys"

Using ConfiEditor (in the folder: C:\client803\client\), the AppServerURL setting is
AppServerDC://usdataps00108:8301 for default-beis.mfgsys
AppServerDC://usdataps00108:8331 for pilot-beis.mfgsys

The important thing to note is the port number (8301 vs 8331). I think the test and train DB’s are something like 8351 and 8371. That port number needs to match the setting in PET (Progress Explorer Tool).

Below are the instructions I had for restoring the data from the Live to the Test DB

* To restore a database, you need to be on the V8 server. 

* Both the AppServers and the Database for the Database need to be stopped in the Progress Explorer Tool (PET). 

* This is launched from 

	Start->Programs->Open Edge 10.0B->Progress Explorer Tool.

* Stop the AppServers and Database in the following order:
	1. AppServer MfgSys803ProcessServer
	2. AppServer MfgSys803TaskAgent
	3. AppServer MfgSys803
	4. Databases MfgSys803 

* After stopping the AppServers and Database, open the ProEnv from 

	start->Programs->Open Edge 10.0B->ProEnv. Type PROMPT and hit Enter. 

* Change directory so you are sitting in the directory of the database you want to restore. 

	* To restore the live company, go to: E:\epicor\mfgsys803\db
	* To restore the TEST company, go to: cd E:\epicor\Test803\db


* Then use the prorest command to restore the database. For example, the command would be:

	prorest mfgsys e:\epicor\DB_Backup\Live\APP1_MfgSys.BAK
	1) mfgsys is the name of the database being created.
	2) e:\epicor\DB_Backup\Live\APP1_MfgSys.BAK is the path and filename of the backup used to restore the db.

* When the prorest is done, it will return to the ProEnv prompt. 

* Type EXIT and hit Enter. 

* If the database restored was originally on another server, or for a different database 
  (ie: restoring MfgSys803 to Test803 to copy the live data to the test company),
  then start just the database, and the AppServer MfgSys803 (or AppServer Test803 for the Test company).  

  DO NOT START THE ProcessServer or TaskAgent until you've made the following changes:

     1. Launch the Vista databse you just restored.
     2. Launch \System Managment\Utilities\System Agent
     2.5 - If updating the Test DB, update the company name in Company Config to "!!! TEST !!!
     3. Update the fields in the 'Task AppServer' section to reflect the correct 
        server names and port numbers
	*** The Live company Port numbers are 8301 & 8303.
	*** The TEST company Port numbers are 8321 & 8323.
	*** The Pilot company Port numbers are 8331 & 8333.

     4. Update the fields in the 'System AppServer' section to reflect the correct 
        folder names, server names and port numbers
     5. Exit Vista, stop the AppServer and DB

* Start the Database and AppServers in the following order:
	1. Databases MfgSys803 (MfgTest803 for the Test Company)
	2. AppServer MfgSys803 (MfgTest803 for the Test Company)
	3. AppServer MfgSys803TaskAgent (MfgTest803TaskAgent for the Test Company)
	4. AppServer MfgSys803ProcessServer (MfgTest803ProcessServer for the Test Company)

Note that my Test company might have used non-typical port numbers (8321 and 8323). Make sure the numbers you use are the same as what is shown in the PET.

One last thing I remember, was if the block size of the Live DB was different than that of the Test DB, the restore won’t work. You have to change the block size of the Test DB before doing the restore.

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If I remember correctly, when you get the block size error during a restore attempt, you can just delete all the old files from the Test db folder first and then proceed with your nromal restore steps.
Reason for the error is only because the restore process by default, compares the db version you’re restoring against any existing version in that db folder - and often they don’t match but… it doesn’t really matter in cases like this.

As a rule for V8 (and V9 progress), I would always rename the Test db files then do a restore. This way I didn’t run into the errors.

I am running to a problem when I attempt to update the fields in the System Agent window I keep getting the following error
"Exception caught in: Epicor.Mfg.BO.SysAgent

Error Detail

Message: Record has been modified by another user and couldn’t be updated. Please press the Refresh button and re-enter your changes.
Type: UpdateConflict
Program: core/BizRuleEngine.p
Method: Main-Block
Table: SysAgent
Row: 0x00000000001ada29
Field: MfgsysPassWord

Stack Trace

at Epicor.Mfg.Proxy.SysAgentImpl.Update(SysAgentDataSet ds)
at Epicor.Mfg.UI.Adapters.SysAgentAdapter.Update()
at Epicor.Mfg.UI.App.SysAgentEntry.Transaction.adapterUpdate()
at Epicor.Mfg.UI.FrameWork.EpiMultiViewTransaction.Update()"

Anyone now how i can change these so that I can run the reports in a test database?



You have to type the sysagent password when making changes

Not the best msg handling