Time Phase Adding Columns from BPM

Hi All,

I’m trying to add columns to the time phase screen in the time phase data grid.
I want to be able to populate these columns with data from the associated job.
I was able to do this with a UI customization and it works well however it’s a bit slow.
I’m iterating through each row and if there is a job number I use the Job Adapter to get the job and then pull what I need out of JobHead.

I thought this might be faster I do it in a BPM.
I created a Post Processing directive on GoProcessTimePhase.
I am trying to add DataColumns to result.TimePhas but I get an error that DataColumn cannot be converted to IceColumn. I can’t create IceColumn because it’s an abstract class.

Is what I’m trying to do even possible? If yes, how can I add columns to result.TimePhas
I’m not even sure if this will cause the UI to puke but I haven’t gotten that far.

You could add UD Fields to the TimePhas table, then populate them in the dataset using your BPM. The fields in the database itself would remain empty. They should then be available in a UI customization. Not sure if GoProcessTimePhase is the right choice for the method. Typically it would be a post-process on GetRows.

I have done this for PO Suggestions for a similar reason. Adding custom data to a large number of rows via Client Customization is too slow.

Thanks Andrew. I was thinking where the TimePhas table isn’t a table that holds data that I wouldn’t be able to add UD fields. I probably should have look. I will try this out.

The data that populates Time Phase is the PartDtl table.

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Yes, I don’t know if the grid will allow for the UD fields to be added though… I imagine it would though if it is bound to partdtl.

I did this with quoteqty table a week ago and went into the quote form and was able to add the UD field as a column in the quoteqty grid.

So I tried Andrew’s approach. I added the UD Columns to table TimePhas, regen’d data model, recycled app pool.
The dataview for TimePhas does not have my UD columns so I can’t reference them

@joerojas I just used SourceFile, SourceName and ExceptionReason and stuffed my data in them in a post processing bpm on GoProcessTimePhase.

I wondered… thanks for confirming, sorry it didn’t work. The only other posts I’ve seen on here are completely re-doing the grid. It looked like a bit of customization.