Trace log not clearing

We’re on The tracing options dialog doesn’t seem to be behaving. None of the buttons give any visual feedback that they’ve been clicked. The Clear Log button doesn’t usually clear the log. It has in the past, but I can’t figure out what sequence I need to follow to get it to clear.

Has anyone seen this and come up with a solution?

Never experienced it. BUt my guess would be that there’s some sort of rights violation.

If you view the trace log, can you select all, delete , and then save?

I think you might be on to something - I get this message - "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Is Tracing enabled for any users (under User Sec Maint)?

And what do the directories look like ?

I get this for my manager account

But these for a non-sec manager account

And it may even be specified at launch time, on a client-by-client basis

Default from Epicor.exe.config file – Select this option to use the path defined in the Epicor.exe.config file; this config file is located in the Client directory for each Epicor ERP installation. You enter the directory path and folder you want in the UITraceFileDefaultDirectory setting.

Edit: meant to include this

Tip: Users can override this default path on each client. When they display the Tracing Options Form on the client, they can enter a different path in the Current Log File field. The log files then generate in this folder and this custom directory path becomes the default Current Log Directory for this client. **
**However if the client can no longer find this location, the default path specified in the epicor.exe.config file is used instead. If the client cannot find this directory path location, the client then writes the client logs to the default %appdata%\epicor\log location; for example: C:\Users<ClientUserName>\AppData\Roaming\epicor\log

I may have mislead you. I get the same message. For some reason I thought I could edit and save the log file.

Thanks for the ideas. I believe though, that the “Enable trace Logging” setting is to turn trace logging on, not to make it available.

The paths all look legit. Time for a reboot!

Thanks again, I appreciate you looking into it! I had someone else check here and the logs clear as expected.

I was thinking that if another user had logging enable, and was to the same path, it might affect your ability to change the log settings that were enabled by another user.

Ah. In our case, they aren’t writing to a shared location. I rebooted and still no improvement. I’m going to log a case with Epicor.

Thanks again.

@JoeBioTek Interested in finding out how you got on with this.

I’ve just come up against something rather odd when using the Demo system. If you login as Epicor, and perform a trace it picks up the path c:\users|. Then if you log onto another machine as a different user, login as Epicor and perform a trace, the path of the log file is remembered from the previous user. I was scratching my head as to why I was getting all these new users folders appearing in c:\users :slight_smile:

A bit of further investigation and looking at the Tracing setup for the Epicor user the Log Directory Scheme is set to Default from Epicor.exe.config file. Help says there should be a key named
“UITraceFileDefaultDirectory”. Looking at all the config file in the installed client there is no such key. The help says “When there is no path found then the traces are logged to User Account Maintenance-Tracing Fields
%appdata%\epicor\log”, which is what I am seeing, well what I though I was, but I suspect that it is acutally using Current Log Directory value instead, and that value is not updated until after you perform a trace. Needless to say the first time you perform a trace the trace directory is pointing to the c:\users folder of the last person that performed a trace!

So it appears there are two things here

  1. The key is missing from the config file.
  2. The Current Log Directory field for the user account is not being updated when the user logs in.

I’m not sure how this behaves with SSO or if your yours account is not a local admin.

Looks like I need to log another case…

Hi Simon,
I was hoping to follow your path just to see if I had the same results, but we don’t have the demo db installed and I only know my login.

I don’t think we’ve ever turned on logging behind the scenes for a user like this, but I’m not sure why. It seems like a valuable troubleshooting tool. Providing you can locate the logs. I have just used it by turning logging on on the fly and viewing the entries while Epicor is still running.

Sorry I’m no help. I’ll be curious to hear how it settles out for you.

You would only enable trace logging for testing or debugging purposes. I would not be turning it on permanently. Having the ability to do it in User Security is a lot handier. You never had that capability in E9.

Right, just thinking it will be nice to turn it on remotely for a user as I’m having them test.
I figured I hadn’t noticed it in E9. Sounds like a cool new feature.

Or a feature that Big Brother would use… :wink:

:smile: I see no contradiction there.

Hopefully they’ll enhance it so we can live-stream the user’s event log in 10.2.5

I didn’t end up logging a Case…I reread the Help… looks like it working as designed. Although, putting in the key into the config file seemed to have no effect …