Transferring Labor

Hi everyone
I am in the process of bulding a dashboard that will allow our project managers to transfer time from one project to another. I based it on the LaborUpdate BAQ that was posted on the files section (thanks for the help there).

Initially we only needed it to alter the time type codoe and the hours. That has been working very well for a while now.

Now I have been asked to allow update on the projectid, phaseid and operation.

My concern here is the fact that just adding a few dropdown lists based on some BAQs to provide some lookup functionality is not really sufficient as it makes it too easy for people to make a mistake and corrupt the labor record.

I am wanting to add some sort of validation and dependancy based on the project, phase and operation of the labor record.

Can anyone give me any sugestions as to how I can do this. While typing this I have thought of adding some validation into the update BPMs, but ideally I'd like to do it before the user gets to the save stage. I am not even sure if this is possible.

Simon Hall