Treeview Click event?

Hello, I was wondering if you can make a click event on a default EpiTreeView. I see on the wizard it does not show it is there. Was wondering if there was a work around? If not can I hide it? Right now it’s set to visible is false but still it shows?

I’ve never found a way to hide it but have fiddled around with making it less obtrusive.
By using a combination of Global Options, repostioning/saving layouts and then creating a customization.
Here is a quick example with the TreeView pane located at the top of a custom UD Code Maint form.

You can hide it with something like this (you will need to change the GUID):

EpiTreeViewPanel tvp = (EpiTreeViewPanel)(csm.GetNativeControlReference("8f08953f-b49f-4fb5-ba14-3c5102fd6b0c"));
tvp.Visible = false;
//tvp = null;

Also, look here for treeview functionality:

This still shows the side bar, I tried this first.

You would want to hide the panel instead then.