Remove EpiTreeviewPanel

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Goal: Create a blank form to customize.

I have followed instructions here to use UDtable to create a blank screen.

First issue is I can’t delete controls:

So I have tried to hide them. I have been successful in hiding all controls but the EpiTreeViewPanel.

I have tried to:
shrink it Height 1, Width 1
hide it Visible = false
move it Anchor - bottom
I have tried to adjust the properties with the properties form and code.

Any ideas? I am open to trying a different way to create the blank form.

As always, really appreciate this forum and all active members.

here is the code

  	((Infragistics.Win.UltraWinDock.WindowDockingArea)this.csm.PersonalizeCustomizeManager.ControlsHT["UD30Form.windowDockingArea1"]).Visible = false; 

Perfect! Thanks so much…

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