Trigger BPM from a Customization


Epicor 9, in VB, how would I trigger a BPM from a button in customization? I have a button on the Contact tab in Customer Entry that when clicked, I would like to pass the customer’s name and email address to my BPM at which point, will bring up a BPM Data Form. I’m just struggling with getting the BPM to trigger. My lack of coding abilities I am sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t know for sure about E9 but in E10 you have to change something to get the BPM to fire. You can’t just call one at will. (it would be nice if you could). How are you trying to fire the BPM?

I’ve read that I could add a row to CallContextBPMData within CustCnt and check CheckBox01 to True then have my BPM trigger off of this. Just trying to figure out the code… All of the examples I can find use C# and I need VB.

yeah, I won’t be able to help with the VB code, but generally I think you’re on the right track. Set the checkbox to true and then update. I would think that would fire the BPM.

Does it work without the button? By that I mean if you change something else and save, does the BPM fire?

You should considering learning C# since going forward into 10 and beyond you’ll want to make sure you customize everything in C# and BPMs are also going to require C#.

With that said there are a lot of online converters for VB=>C# and C=>VB

So if you found a C# solution you should be able to fairly easily convert it using a a tool like this

Give that a shot and If you have issues with the converted code let us know

Yes it does but it does require a save. Thank you


Thank you for the tips. And yes, I am scheduled for many C# courses in the near future.


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So you probably just need your button to check the box fire an update. That shouldn’t be too hard.