Troubleshooting slow customization

Sales Order Entry printing the sales order acknowledge is extremely slow(>60 sec), and I’ve found with the base screen it is very fast. I know we have some customizations on this screen so I’m fairly confident they are the source of the slowness. I ran a trace trying to figure out which one(we have more than one) and that didn’t help as the trace appears to only show business object calls where I believe the customizations are calling external REST APIs(HTTP GET).

What tools would you recommend using to troubleshoot an issue like this(find which HTTP calls are slow), a packet capture or is there a more Epicor specific tool / log I should be looking at?

I’m assuming this is a classic screen? You could try debugging it with Visual Studio to see what is going on. I suspect there is code in there dealing with data being changed and that is being called many times during the printing process.

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