Trusted SSL Cert for a .local domain server

I hope I can describe this clearly. I’m trying to get a trusted SSL cert for our Kinetic server, which is on a .local domain. I’m open to any possible solution.

Here’s what I’ve done so far. (names have been changed to protect the innocent)

local domain = abc.local
public domain =

I’ve created a second internal DNS zone for and created an A record for, which points to the IP of our Kinetic server. I can now ping successfully. I have a wild card cert for *, which I applied to IIS.

In the following URL to the Kinetic login, I can replace with and it works and shows a vaild cert now.

The client still shows (in the top right) and if I click the Open Kinetic in Browser it still point to the .local. I think I need to modify the client to use the address, however, I can’t seem to do that.

In the Admin console, under server management it’s listed as, so I thought maybe I needed to add as a new server and create a new Application Server. I was able to add, but I can’t create a new App Server.

That action is only available when the Admin Console is running on the server.

Any pointers would be greatly appercated!

This is defined in the clients sysconfig file, just edit the app server url and it should point to that one.
The sysconfig file is in the deployment path inside the config folder, if you have several sysconfig you can check the shortcut you use to launch the ERP to see which one it is using.