Two shipments in one invoice

Is it possible to invoice two shipments of the same order but that are sent from different sites?

As of 10.2.700 this still a limitation. I just checked and there wasn’t an Epicor Idea created for it so I just made one. Please go give it a vote or 2!

Ability to Combine Packing Slips in one Invoice for | Kinetic Ideas (

Also, the ability to combine invoices has been asked for other shipment types as well:

Combine Drop Shipment and Packing Slip on 1 Invoice | Kinetic Ideas (
Consolidate Milestone Invoices | Kinetic Ideas (

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I’ve been at 2 different companies where this has been an issue that we ‘suffered’ through. Thank goodness Amazon is setting the standard where it’s normal to get multiple invoices from 1 order…